summer = rompers for everyone!

I don't know if you remember but a few days ago I did an awesome wishlist from Rosegal. Even I didn't know this about me until this summer but I love white rompers because they are really practical, cute and great for hot days! At the end of this publication, there's a surprise for you! 

My experience with Rosegal
You know I have three sisters, right? All of them are really interest in buying some things from Rosegal but a bit afraid of buying things online: If I don't receive the things I pay for? Or if the material is not what I think? Blah blah blah. Go ahead, girls & boys! Only a few weeks after I place my order I started receiving the things I have choose from Rosegal and I have to admit everything is even more beautiful and cool in real life. I am really happy because now I have a new outfit to go to the park with my friends and enjoy the last days of summer!

summer vibessummer vibes

You know all the blue are my favorite color right? And I can barely resist to the combination of blue and white (it remember me of the spring sky). And I love stripes and the back of this romper! I think this piece really featured one of the best parts of my body and it goes really well in my current ton of skin, right? I guess I'm in love!

Oh, and I love the fabric too. At first, I thought it was a bit transparent (not my thing) but no, it kinda remembers me linen which is one of my favorites to wear.

So do you want to buy this romper? Sweet, here it is:

summer vibessummer vibes

Watermelon bag
I think it is my favorite bag at all times! From the first day, I've been using like my life depends on it. It seems really small but you can put a bunch of stuff in it, and I love the material. Sometimes plastic stuff is quite fragile, but not this one. Plus it's pretty cool, huh?

Do you want one? 

summer vibes summer vibessummer vibes

Cat earrings 
To complete my outfit I got these cute and funny earrings. Go check them here
summer vibes

and here are the good news
You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!
Time for a new outfit!
Surprise code:RGEN


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gentesentada, o blog Quando em 2008 decidi que o meu blog se iria chamar gentesentada achei genial, achei que fazia o maior sentido de sempre! Vale recordar que sou péssima a dar nomes a coisas? Deixem-me explicar o meu raciocínio, quem é que lê o meu blog? gente sentada! Pois, eu percebo, não é tão engraçado como achei na altura! Desde então tenho vivido uma relação de amor-ódio (mais ódio) com o nome do blog e tentei arranjar muitos (muitos) outros nomes mas infelizmente nada ficava na memória o suficiente. Nem para mim, nem para vocês... Era sempre 'o teu blog gentesentada isto e aquilo'. Então decidi aceitar esta realidade e desde que o fiz sinto que voltou a fazer todo o sentido. Ele sempre foi e sempre será o gentesentada, não é mesmo?

E mais, agora podem também seguir o blog pelo o facebook: gentesentada, o blog. Para além de partilhar os links para TODAS as publicações que aparecerem no blog, vou também partilhar as publicações preferidas de cada semana, músicas, séries e ilustrações. Na verdade, tudo o que me apetecer, fiquem atentos!


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even though you might not always feel like it, but you are
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